Two projects, one man, developer thoughts

Hey hey hey Soul Preys

I just wanted to write a little bit, what I am currently doing. I am working on 2 projects at once, which exhausts me quite a bit :).

But why run two projects?

Well, I was always an odd one. I am a very ambitious workaholic and I frankly mostly get creative input in bursts. That means I am not always in a creative mood, when developing my projects, but I developed a certain work style, which keeps my creative thoughts going. When I am working on one project, I have a big to-do list, which I try to complete in a certain time period. In the meantime, I get creative ideas for my other project, which I can write down in notepad, if I deem it good enough. So running two projects at the time creates kind of a symbiotic relationship and helps a lot.

Currently I am working on “Soul Prey” and on “Neon Pleasure”. Neon pleasure is a music visualizer, which probably will have small music based games and a multiplayer mode, so you can do stuff with your friends. Either you watch with your friends or you play with your friends :).

Without fun this would be mentally impossible to actually work on said projects, but I have a crap load of fun, so I am really happy to work on them.


Now to a some more negative related thing.

I’ve seen that a developer wants to quit, because a certain popular youtuber didn’t like the game at all.

First I thought: Fair enough. Just give your kickstarters their product and try to give them support for a period of time. This is the least a developer can do for his fans/consumers. Also complete your game, if it isn’t completely finished.

Then I read much more about the topic and watched the video in question from PewDiePie (I don’t like his videos or his persona he uses for them, so I normally don’t watcht them).

After I watched it, I was kind of annoyed.

  1. People have all the means to like or dislike a game. To have an opinion is absolutely okay. PewDiePie didn’t like the game, which is fair enough.
  2. What however isn’t acceptable is showing your middle finger in a video, which is clearly intended to mock and disrepect a human being (be it a developer or not). He made an angry face and looked pissed, so NO, it wasn’t meant in a funny way.
  3. Fanboyism sucks and his fans or any other fans going on a witch hunt to make the developer miserable is the lowest you can get. This shouldn’t be tolerated AT ALL and is not acceptable either.

PewDiePie later stated that it wasn’t his intention to hurt the feelings of the developer, but I hardly believe that. I also have the feeling that he targeted this game purposely, because he knew, what it was and that he would dislike the game. When I get shown recommended videos, I mostly see thumbnails of him playing games, which have action in it. Picking a bear simulator is kind of odd. I think he wanted to purposely rip this game to pieces for whatever reason. Take this however with a grain of salt, because these are just assumptions :).

Shredding the first game of an indie developer is the worst for him or her. But criticism (constructive criticism) needs to have its place and is needed to prevent customers from getting absolute tosh.

What pisses me off honestly is being an arrogant prick, showing your stinky finger into the camera and show off the steam refund page to further mock and hurt the developer. PewDiePie is an ass hat for doing that, period.

You can think that I am a PewDiePie hater or something like that. I don’t care honestly, because I don’t watch his content. I ignore his content and that’s it for me. But I wanted to make this post too, because I want to call out such an immature, mean spirited behaviour.

I wish FarJay Studios a successful and happy future and I hope he isn’t all too down from that :).


Take care,

Stay healthy,

DGL Games



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